Thank you for dropping by. I, Les Sawyer, would like to invite you to take a tour of my family’s business.


In 1994 I was in the restaurant industry. It was then I was informed of a terminal disease that would try to take a family members life and ultimately led us down the path of health, nutrition and making better choices in what we eat, drink and breathe.


Today all is well and I want to share the great news with you about products for healthier living.


1998 brought about yet more changes in my life, when my father hurt his back in two consecutive auto accidents.  I joined my father full time to help him both physically and financially.  I discovered quickly that my dad (Charlie) had a wealth of knowledge and products that needed to be shared with the world.  My dad is doing great and is looking forward to retiring in the near future; however, out of this experience Hoist Doctors was born.  Hoist Doctors repair and rebuild in-ground and surface mount auto and truck lifts.  Many companies have a fortune tied up in lifts, but cannot find a reputable company to supply parts and maintenance, thus leading to scrapping a perfectly good lift,  That is where I can help.  At Hoist Doctors if it lifts, we can find the parts for it.  Call me today, I can help you find the path to a healthier life and save you money in the process, as well as provide solutions and parts for all your hoist repairs and installations.


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